Sunday, October 30, 2011

Obedience and Suffering has a Purpose

I have been greatly encouraged by a friend to start blogging about an insight regarding scripture,suffering,obedience, and really one of the greatest purposes of life in Christ. It's based on Romans 8:29. I have really wondered why it has taken me so long to see this. What is God trying to teach us? Why did Christ come? How can I better understand scripture? What is God doing in my life and what does He want to do. Romans 8:29 gives us an insight to those questions. God is at work shaping and conforming my character to that of His Son Jesus Christ. Let's be practical for a moment and explain the concept. Why am I going through what I am at the moment?Answer, christ like character development. God is using every event of life to shape my character to be like His Son. That means suffering has a purpose, obedience has a point. God is preparing my character for greater things, He is transforming my corrupted character to a Christ like one. So if you ask me what is God doing in my life,my answer would be character development. Which part of your character? Thats betweeen the person and God. So whatever you are going through, I know this biblical fact,God is conforming your character to Christ's. I will talk more about this in my upcoming blogs.

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