Monday, October 31, 2011

Character Development in the Garden

Last Tuesday afternoon on October 25th God really spoke to my life regarding life's purpose as a Christian. What is that purpose? Developing and conforming our character to that of His Son's. God can use every situation, ever event, every delay, every insecurity, every frustration, to shape my character, to mold it, so I can bring Glory to Him and handle rightly the things He has in store for those that love Him.

So why did God leave the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden? I think so Adam could learn obedience. Obedience is the major key to character development in God's Kingdom. Adam was to learn obedience by not eating of the tree. God said eat whatever else you want but stay away from that tree. We learn from Eve, that the tree was appealing, it looked good to the eye. However, God said don't eat. We know from the story that Adam and Eve eventually did eat of the Tree. At that moment what happened was their character was corrupted with disobedience, and sin entered into creation, and death followed. I think a good definition of  our sin nature is really a corrupted character

Even in The Garden, before the fall of Man, it seems like God was interested in developing Man's Character. How much more then after the fall, do we need God to develop our Character?

So here is my challenge consider the possibility that God is at work developing your character for His purpose with ,every situation, every challenge, every delay, every set back. I think if you take that the view that God is at work conforming you to be like Christ, you will discover a new determination to face life's daily challenges. 

As a matter of fact don't even think of them as challenges, just opportunities for God to more fully develop your character, and preparing you for what is to come.

Until next time,
Pastor Marty

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